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    Hi there,

    I´m using Premium Addons for Elementor and, so far, they are super awesome.
    But at the moment i have a little problem, maybe someone has a solution for it:

    I use the Vertical Scroll element and it works very well.
    The problem arises if i combine it with a transparent sticky header. (just a Logo with a menu and no background color)
    Lets say i have different background colors for every part of the “Vertical Scroll” , some are dark, some are white.
    The Logo and the menu in the header are dark too, so if i scroll to a part with a white background, everything is fine,
    but if a section has a black background the logo and the menu isnt visible anymore.
    So thats where the problem is.

    Is there a way to switch to another “light version” of my header or to change the css of it according to the bg-color?
    My goal is to display a fitting menu for every section of my “vertical scroll” no matter if light or dark.
    Ive tried some stuff with the offset-effect option of the scrolling-effect but that didnt work either because i have to jump between a light and a dark menu more then once.
    I guess i have to tag every vertical scroll section with light or dark somehow and to use some script to switch the styles?

    any help would be appreciated.



    Hello kupona,

    Your ticket on our support ticket system has been replied 🙂


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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