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    Hello Team Leap13,

    first of all thanks for this awesome widget pack which helped me a lot to speed up my workflow!

    I was just missing around with relative urls, as I moved from my localhost to a test server.
    On test server I´ve installed WP in a After migrating the site all my internal links in Premium Buttons which were set to /page1, /page2 were broken.
    I tested the same with the standard Elementor Button – same broken links again, as “WP-root” is not the folder root, where WP is installed, but the root of the entire server, thats why all my links were gone to instead of

    I´ve tried then to use “../page1″ in the Standard Elementor Button widget, and that works! – html says: <a href=”″ as I forced the link to stay in the same folder.

    If I try the same method (../page1) in Premium Button Widget still not working; html says: <a href=”http://../page1”

    Maybe there is a quick fix for this guys.


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    Rimoun Adel


    Hi Rimoun,

    yes, did not help also…

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