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    After the latest update of the plugin, I noticed a bug in the Bullet List element.

    If my list items contains a link, I see an overlapped span tag with the value of the list option.

    Actually I disabled them via CSS display:none, but in the previous version everything was working correctly.

    In my case, I used this:

    #page-content-wrapper > div > div > div > div.elementor.elementor-1250 > section.elementor-section.elementor-top-section.elementor-element.elementor-element-3a634fa.elementor-section-height-min-height.elementor-section-items-bottom.elementor-section-content-bottom.elementor-section-stretched.elementor-section-boxed.elementor-section-height-default.jarallax > div.elementor-container.elementor-column-gap-default > div.elementor-column.elementor-col-50.elementor-top-column.elementor-element.elementor-element-a326ff5 > div > div.elementor-element.elementor-element-2aa774a.elementor-widget.elementor-widget-premium-icon-list > div > ul > li.premium-bullet-list-content.elementor-repeater-item-1be8b30.premium-bullet-list-content-grow-lc.animated.fadeInUp.animated- > a > span{ display:none;}

    Is it a new behaviour of the element or is it just a bug?

    Also, checking the page within the Elementor editor, the component appears like usual, the problem is when I see it in the frontend.

    Thanks a lot!


    Hi @renderwarrior,

    Hope you’re doing well today!

    Please don’t worry, we added this to fix an error that appears in Google Search Console. Please try to clear your site/browser cache.

    Also, on the frontend of your page, please hover “PA Assets” button then click Regenerate Page Assets.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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