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    I discovered an issue with the Media Grid element. Whenever I enable the Load More button setting, all of my images are pushed into one column until you load more images. You can reproduce this by visiting my site at

    Whenever I disable the Load More button, the images are aligned into the specified number of columns (I’m trying to avoid this due to the number of images I have).
    I modified all of the Content settings and configurations available, the only thing that affected this issue was enabling/disabling the Load More button or changing the Grid Layout. However due to the varying dimensions of my images, I must use Masonry layout.

    Omar ElHawary

    Hi Khalif,

    Hope you’re having a great day

    Well, I’ve checked your page, but everything seems to be working fine on my end. So, if the issue still exists on your end, then could you please try deactivating all plugins expect Elementor and Premium Add-ons ?

    If the issue still there, then I would be so glad to check things further from your end, so please open a ticket on our support system from here

    Here’s a screenshot from my end so you can check and let me know.


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    Hi Omar,

    My apologies, I was troubleshooting my website and had it set to Metro layout. I set it back to Masonry and the issue shows up once again (you’ll be able to see it if you visit the site again). I deactivated all of my plugins except Elementor and Premium addons and that did not resolve the problem. I’ll move forward and submit a ticket to the support system.

    Thank you!


    Hi Khalif,

    Hope everything is going with you today 🙂

    Your ticket on our support system has been replied, so could you please check from your end ?


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