Thanks for detailed answers. So I’ve put several unique shortcodes (which are shown in elementor template) and it’s roughly working, but now another problems occur:

1. Every premium carousel(with autoplay on, transition 1500ms) in tabs seems to work completely / respectively even when not displayed, since every slick-slider setting(for each tabs) maybe on slick-initialized. According to this link, destroying slick function can be an way to go, so I added this jquery code to remove “slick-initialized” class when elementor tab is not active but it’s not working as intended. Any ideas?

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
var $tab-content = $(“.elementor-tab-content”);
if ($tab-content.hasClass(“elementor-active”)) {
// if tab-content div has elementor-active class, nothing to execute.
} else {
// if this hasn’t class, find slick-slider class in grandchild div and remove or unlick initialize function. but both removeclass.() and unslick() don’t work.

2. Loading background-image with carousel seems to be delayed to load when autoplay & transition feature is on. It’s hard to describe so I’ve attached img. But not sure it’s regarding autoplay feature as mentioned at 1.

Please see this image (imgur)

Also you can see my test page at https://sosotura.2ix.de/ see the middle of page there’s tab section.